Building a Deck

In June 2004 my small family moved into a new home. The backyard was landscaped simply with some roll on turf and paving. After spending several weeks designing a layout for the yard we decided that building a deck around the garden shed we had put in would add both visual interest to the garden as well as creating a pleasing multi level effect.

The idea of building a deck was exciting to me, and would be far and away the most ambitious external construction project I had attempted. Deck building is several steps beyond constructing timber fences and privacy screens that I had done before. I decided that to help track my ideas and efforts that went into the deck building that I would keep a small diary of the whole project. And this is it.

Building a Deck for Rank Amateurs or Deck Building - Destroy your back today!

30 April 2005 - Oiling the Deck
13 January 2005 - Laying the Decking
12 January 2005 - Finishing Joists
4 January 2005 - Installing the Joists
30 December 2004 - Installing the Bearers
22 December 2004 - Installing the Posts
22 December 2004 - Garden Edging
21 December 2004 - Excavating the Site
19 December 2004 - Marking out the Site
17 December 2004 - Ordering Supplies
15 December 2004 - Hardware Stores
7 December 2004 - Deck Design - Draft 2
6 December 2004 - Deck Design - Draft 1
1 December 2004 - Gathering Information

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