Building a Deck - Finishing the Joists

Not much to report today (other than problems described below). Nailed up the remaining 4 joists and then put in underdeck utilities. This consisted of a couple of lengths of 19mm poly pipe for irrigation and some lengths of two core outdoor electrical cabling. This was done just in case we ever decided to have garden lighting or a pond in the garden then it wont be too hard running power under the deck.

Choosing the top of each joist (free of knots or other timber imperfections) I nailed a joist support to one end. After fixing the joist support I place the joist/support in the support bracket already nailed to the framework. I measured both ends from a fixed point to get the joist square to the frame and used a spirit level to get the joist level. Once I'd found the position I clamped the joist in position and nailed it in place. I repeated this operation 18 times and finally all the joists were in place. I used a mix of 50mm galvanized clouts and 50mm flat head galvanized support nails to attach the brackets/joists.

Putting Spacers in the Bearers

I now needed to nail spacers in the double bearers, again at the 450mm centers. Again I used the sliding compound saw to cut the pieces to length. I then nailed each spacer in place with 4 75mmx3.8mm galvanized twisted shank flathead nails. Here in Australia these nails go under the brand 'Deckfast' and I am sure there will be something similar where ever you are. To make nailing this long nails easier (they tended to buckle on the last few whacks of the hammer) I predrilled a 3.3mm hole for each nail. This made nailing much easier, and my forearm a lot happier.

How Much Did I Get Done?

Not everything. I still need to install about 6 joists. I'd left these because nailing in the spacers would have been difficult with these joists in place.

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